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the night was cold, chilling to the bite. Dick walked down the street contemplating life and all its mysteries. But if there was one thing he knew he was in the greatest company of all, the company of himself and his thoughts. 

It’s been  a while since he had fun because he has been howling in his own malicious thoughts but, tonight Dick was going to go all out. 

Sipping, drinking, and nursing his half-assed sailor jerry drink with cola and lime. It tasted terrible going down his pipes and taste buds but in some way it was opening pandora’s box.


Classy Saturday Night.

By: Ricky Torres Jr.

Dick loves to drink and he likes to drink a bunch but, with his friends that is and will always be the best times he has ever gotten drunk. There are so many people Dick knows and the people he tries to remembered the countess names of. 

Sitting there in his own drunken thoughts Dick noticed all the people around him, all his friends and buddies. Each of them with their own back story that Dick couldn’t even to begin to comprehend at but that was the beauty of it he didn’t understand or know there was so much to them, and so much that they didn’t understand about him.

Everyone was laughing and reminiscing about the past that had occurred in the dormitories and the all the events that had happened since then.

Screwing, fucking, smoking, and drinking had happened and a tons of it, enough to make your parents worry.

Sipping on his white russian, Dick was tagging along in the banter that happens between friends, past stories of growing up, stories of classes, basically growing up. 

"Are you drunk?"

"You okay man?"

The questions that drunk people ask other drunk people.

"Yes, I’m drunk. I think I’m fucked up at this point." Dick said. He left the apartment, walking to his own place with the promise of a half-assed comfortable air mattress he thought of all the craziness that had occurred tonight but, realized it was nothing new. They were his friends and that’s how they where.

So he staggered into his room, sat his tired, drunk ass to his bed and slept. Only so he could be hungover the next morning and try to recollect what had happened the night before of the Classy Saturday party at Matthew’s apartment.

The time change and hour ahead an hour back it’s confusing so Dick just relies on his iPhone to set the time for him, it works for him. But because of this he is extremely lazy and sits on his mattress perusing on the inter-web.

The sunlight peering through the cracks of the blinds, the warmth of the sun heating up the apartment, Dick decided to look out and noticed how it was a beautiful sunlit day. There is so much to do, so many opportunities for the day. 

Finally standing up from his cheap bed, walking to the bathroom he could feel the cold linoleum against his bare feet. Still carrying the aroma of last night he hopped into the shower and washed off the night, finally he could start his new day and enjoy that extra hour. 

© Ricky Torres Jr.

Dick woke up this morning with a sense of enlightenment. He stood up from his cheap substitute of a bed walked across the room into bathroom. 

Gazing in the mirror he pondered and contemplated. How long should this mustache last. He picked up the blade, his hands shaking and inching closer to his face then suddenly there was an epiphany whether it was pure narcissism or self acceptance Dick liked the way he looked so for another week he kept his mustache.

© Ricky Torres

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

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Iwan Rheon performing Changing Times | AWAL on Air Roundhouse Radio

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